Love Your Heated Pool...

About Solar

Solar Heating your pool has benefits

Benefits : of Solar Pool Heating

*  You'll have more fun in the pool,

*  feel more relaxed and weightless,

*  get more exercise, which is good for your health,

*  your pets will enjoy the pool as much as you,

*  getting the required exercise they need.

*  you'll be envied by your friends,

*  your kids will by playing in the pool, get the excersice they need,

*  they will be at home instead of playing in the streets,

*  you'll be able to keep a close eye on them,

Solar Pool Heating Facts

Solar pool heating panels will heat the water in your swimming pool with between 10ºC - 15ºC, this is a fact and with that it extends your swimming season with 8 - 10 months a year (South African weather conditions). 

In most cases depending on the amount of solar pool heating panels needed per individual installation, 1 day is normally sufficient to complete an installation. Bigger projects of course would need more days to complete.

Having said that, the solar pool heating panel installation is normally done with little or no inconvenience to the home owner.